A great location is one of the most important benefits a shipping and warehousing company can offer its customers. The best of intentions in transportation is hard to realize without easy access and a centralized location. Tri-State Rubbish Removal's Trucking and Delivery Division is located in Westchester County, NY--minutes from Connecticut and New Jersey. We're located right in the heart of the Northeast and the gateway to the world. This puts us in the driver's seat when it comes to on-time delivery of your shipments.

Unbeatable Value

No one can stretch your shipping and warehousing dollar like  Tri-State Trucking and Delivery. Since our inception into the Trucking and Relocation Industry (1994)  Tri-State Trucking and Delivery simply makes your transportation dollar go further. We achieve this by mapping out your individual transportation needs and then following the most cost-effective route in satisfying them. You might say  Tri-State Trucking and Delivery takes the high road to a better bottom line price...delivering top quality service with maximum efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

  • We're continuously redefining industry quality and capability now and into the future
  • Our people are skilled professionals dedicated to your success
  • We have the proven experience to deliver on our commitments

Specializing in:

  • » Delivery of Medical Equipment
  • » Business Machine Delivery & Set-Up
  • » Furniture Delivery & Installation
  • » Store Fixture Delivery & Set Up
  • » General Freight

Routing and Dispatching

Tri-State Trucking and Delivery routing and dispatching provides an easy yet, affordable way to optimize routes, track, and monitor all of our deliveries in real-time. This on demand logistics management solution combines sophisticated routing, tracking, planning and dispatching functionality with the simplicity of Web-based delivery. It optimizes both static and dynamic routes for maximum efficiency by taking into account geographic zones, time windows and other constraints when planning our routes. Our unique robust solution drives out operational inefficiencies, ultimately cutting out delivery down time and improving customer service.  Tri-State Trucking and Delivery manages the entire delivery process from the point of order, through the time of delivery, to customer satisfaction survey.

We offer complete logistic solution to:

Lower operations costs by: better route economics, improved driver performance and visibility into waiting times.

Improved customer service by: guaranteed on time arrival, setting of customer delivery windows and notification of order status.

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Tri-StateRubbish Removal is the most comprehensive junk hauling company in the tri state area. We will haul away from residential homes, large storage facilities, bank owned properties, or anywhere else. Our junk hauling crews will remove from inside/outside, or any level of the building.
Being most equipped with large dump trucks, bobcats, and excavator, we make any sort of hauling easy! We recycle and haul all greenery, metal, wood, and concrete to the nearest recycling facilities.

Tired of looking at that old mattress? Has that FREE sign been up too long? If the Salvation Army can’t remove all your unwanted junk, Tri-State Rubbish Removal is your junk solution! Let Tri-State Rubbish Removal haul away your unwanted junk from a single furniture item to a garage full of his/her junk.

Whether you are looking for a Demolition Contractor or have a hauling project in the near future, Tri-State Rubbish Removal is in business to help all your hauling need. We appreciate and value our customers!

What are your hauling needs?

Residential Junk Hauling
Commercial Hauling
Office Furniture Hauling

Green Waste | Brush Hauling
Hauling Merchandise to Location
Dirt Hauling | Hillside Removal

Retaining Wall Demolition
Removing Dirt & Debris
Concrete / Asphalt Hauling

Dirt hauling program

Fast and Efficient dirt hauling is what Tri-State Rubbish Removal offers. Dirt hauling is made quick and efficient with Tri-State Rubbish Removal by having heavy duty dump trucks for large dirt piles and light weight dump trucks for small dirt piles. You can save money with Tri-State Rubbish Removal ! Regardless of where the dirt pile may be at we can haul the dirt by hand or with our Bobcat. If you need dirt fill out our free dirt fill program. You will be put on our list. When we have clean dirt in your area we can deliver the dirt for you Free of charge! Call the experts at Tri-State Rubbish Removal for hauling dirt out today!