There are many ways to demolish a structural building or driveway.Tri-State Rubbish Removal's personnel demolition are experts in Swimming pool demolition! Tri-State Rubbish Removal demolitions take pride in being diversified in our services. We have acquired large heavy duty dumps trucks and equipment to get demolition projects done efficiently. Our goal is to provide more to our customers. Providing dumpster's for demolition projects from a kitchen remodel or construction sites sets us apart in New York. We want to show you we can get the job done right, at the same time give you the best value in our demolition services! There are many demolition companies to choose from; when you choose Tri-State Rubbish Removal Demolition you are getting the most value for your dollar with our large trucks, experienced crews and our great customer service

Tri-State Rubbish Removal demolition services continue to grow in new areas in the demolition industry, one demo at a time! From the moment you call Tri-State Rubbish Removal you will notice the difference in our customer service. Our friendly agents are ready to schedule your free estimate at your convenience. We know time is valuable, that's why we want to help you with any demolition services you need to get your property ready.


At Tristate Rubbish Removeall, we value our customers. We understand that going through any reconstruction can be stressful. Our knowledgeable estimators are fully trained to answer any of your questions, but if you are extremely busy we also have an e-mail option. You can always take a picture of the structure you want demolished and  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will need to be on site and meet with you on the jobsite before starting a demolition services. Our Demolition contractors are very patient and can walk through every detail of the demolition process. Tri-State Rubbish Removal is family owned and operated, so we know how to really take care of our customers. We take pride in our unrivaled customer service with demolition services. Let us show you why!


What we demolish 

Asphalt Demolition

Block or Retaining Wall Excavation

Concrete Demolition

Home Demolition

Land Grading / Leveling

Mobile Home / Trailer Demolition

Kitchen Remodeling

Shed Demolition

Swimming Pool Demolition

Deck or Patio Demolition


Factors That Affect Demolition Prices and the Cost of House Demolition

  • Are there environmental issues?
  • Any asbestos located in the structure? EPA requires proper asbestos abatement before demolition can occur. This may add $2 - $3 per square foot in demolition costs.
  • What are you intending to do with the debris? Landfill and hauling fees are a significant cost that must be added to the overall demolition price. Hauling and landfill fees vary widely by location.
  • Is there anything salvageable that might have value and offset the building demolition costs? A local demolition expert can help you understand if any of your house's materials have salvage value.
  • Can any portion of the foundation remain or will you require everything to be removed?Concrete demolition and removal costs add to the overall price of the project.
  • What is the home made of? Cinder block, red brick, wood, or a combination? What is the roofing material?
  • How many stories is the home? Multiple level homes increase demolition cost.
  • Is site restoration part of the project? Do you need any additional work such as excavating or site clearing?




Don't trust your demolition project to just anyone.

Trust Tri-State Rubbish Removal  to get the job done right!

Safety is important. That's why Tri-State Rubbish Removal is liability insured and fidelity bonded. We are confident that our qualified team will meet your needs!